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Al-Khair Group was established in the year 2020 in the city of Gönen, Balıkesir Province in Turkey, specializing in agricultural and livestock production. The group has many farms that producing high quality of fruits and vegetables such as olives, figs, kiwi, persimmons, strawberries, walnuts, avocado …etc.

The group relies on international standards in agriculture, animals husbandry, and the use of fertilizers according to the internationally approved ratio, and also depends on modern technology in the field of strawberry cultivation without breeding and producing vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce and various leafy vegetables in greenhouses and open lands.

Al-Khair Group has concluded many partnerships with companies operating in agricultural production and with local farm owners in the city of Gönen and Antalya to secure healthy and sustainable food for future generations and provide the needs of customers on time throughout the year without delay.

We raise sheeps that feed on green natural pastures in the city of Gonen, and bees to produce pure natural honey that feed on the nectar of the flowers of crops and plants.

The group relies on a specialized and qualified team in agricultural and livestock production who are committed to perform their tasks with the highest degree of professionalism and reliability, which makes the group’s products the best in quality and healthy in the region

Our Services

Agricultural Consultancy

Research and studies stage

1-The stage of searching for suitable lands for the project to be carried out based on the client’s request

2- Evaluation of the land from financial and technical aspects (location and wind direction)

3- Examine the soil and ensure its suitability for the product to be grown.

4- Preparing feasibility studies on products and determining the foundational and operational needs for the land

Foundation stage

1- Preparing and plowing the land based on the requirements of the previously prepared feasibility study

2- Planting the land with trees

3- fixing of hoses and irrigation system

Operational Phase

1- Plowing the land

2- Treea irrigation

3- Fertilizing trees with natural fertilizers

4- Spray trees with insecticides as needed


Quality Products: We provide quality products that our customers can trust

Customer happiness: We are committed to customer happiness and meet their expectations

Excellence and development: We are keen to continue in the competitive and development race through new and innovative ideas based on modern technology

Transparency: Our transparency in work is the primary factor in enhancing our position as a source of trust for all our customers and employees

Commitment: We adhere to the highest professional standards in performing our duties

Team spirit: We realize the importance of teamwork to achieve our ambitious goals and objectives


The leading group in the field of sustainable food production


Respect, Teamwork, Customer Happiness, Innovation, Excellence, Efficiency, Integrity & Transparency


We work to secure healthy, sustainable plant and animal food for future generations


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Şener Şenel

Al-Khair Group is leading a pioneering approach in the field of agricultural investment and livestock production in cooperation with local and international partners, and based on its role in contributing to achieving the food security strategy in the region, it is working to build successful agricultural, commercial and logistical investments that achieve profitable returns in order to cover food supplies in an integrated manner.

Al Khair Group is fully committed to high professional values and governance rules that guide its work and constitute an essential source of sustainability and continuous growth. Thus, we promise our partners that we will continue our efforts for the group to assume a global position and achieve common goals.


Ibrahim Alo
Livestock Specialist
Gökhan Koçoğlu
Farm Specialist
Aydın Turan
Gökhan Avcı
Farm Specialist
Muhmet Uzun
Chief Financial Officer